Yingjiang CDC partnered KIO health department

In a joint effort to assist war refugees and residents of Laiza in China-Burma border, Yingjiang County (盈江縣) CDC staffs partnered KIO’s health officials on Sept 7 at 1 pm. Students and teachers were given flu vaccines and blood tests to diagnose malaria and influenza virus, said a KIO officer This joint effort aims to […]

KIA ambushes a Burmese government truck

KIA soldiers of 19th battalion under 5th brigade ambushed a Burmese government truck carrying rice and logistics supplies for Light Infantry Battalion No. 142 on Sept 6 at 11 am. This latest attack occurred while government truck was traveling on Dawhpum-yang near Ting-nyit, said a KIO source.

The Casualties of Panglong

Since 1947, the Panglong Agreement, the foundational document of Burma, has been an unfulfilled promise and unrealized dream. However, it has been a powerful myth that shadows Burmese political atmosphere. Many ethnic resistance groups, including KIA, invoke Panglong and demand the successive governments to fulfill the promise of Panglong. On the other hand, while continually […]