Burmese government soldiers committed violent crimes

Military operations by the Burmese government Army against Kachin Independent Army in Northern frontier have led to high numbers of civilians being displaced and those living in war-torn areas continue to experience inhumane treatments. Burmese government soldiers continue to commit acts of violent crimes, including looting, kidnapping and killing in Kachin areas. Shocking images of […]

Burmese Army soldiers burned down houses and killed a villager

The incidence of grave human rights violations has increased dramatically in Kachinland as Burmese Army steps up its military offenses against Kachin Independent Army. Burmese Army soldiers being transported from lower Burma and other states have especially committed various crimes against local residents as they have no sympathy for sufferings of local indigenous people, said […]

Fighting escalates as Burmese Army deploys more soldiers

Fighting between Kachin Independent Army (KIA) and Burmese Government Army has escalated in the past week as neither side seems to be shifting its stance. It is the fourth attempt by Burmese Army to annihilate KIA with more than 120 battalions. Though outnumbered, KIA has launched an effective defense and inflicted heavy casualties against Burmese […]

Cry My Beloved Pangmu

Dedicated to all our forefathers who have struggled & sacrificed mightily to build up Kachinland It is with great sadness and trepidation – amid news of heavy artillery fire swirling around Sinlum, of chemical weapons being deployed, of unspeakable atrocities being committed, of folks having to flee homes and farmsteads – that I turn my […]

Two Shan villages burned down

A skirmish took place between KIA soldiers under 5th Brigade and Burmese Army soldiers at Dawhpum yang village on November 29, 2011 at 11:30 am. The battle lasted for about 20 minutes. After KIA soldiers retrieved from the battlefield, Burmese Army bombarded Dawhpum yang village with artillery shells, said local sources. Two Shan villages, Namwai […]