Battles near Naphaw and Bandawng

KIA soldiers under 255th battalion fought Burmese army’s Light Infantry Battalion 37th near Naphaw, former KIO headquarter, on Sept 13 at 7 am. A column of 130 Burmese soldiers were coming from Nahpaw post when they were ambushed by KIA.  According to KIA frontline source, at least two Burmese officers were wounded in this battle. […]

Los Angeles Burmese community supported Kachin refugees

A fundraising event for refugees in Kachin land had been held on Sept 10 at 4pm at 6019 Baldwin Ave, Temple city, California. This event was jointly sponsored by Kachin Association of America (LA), World Arakanese Organization (CA), California Shan Social and Cultural Society, Southern California Chin-Mizo Association, LA Judson Myanmar Baptist Church, LA Myanmar […]

Fierce battles continue across Kachin Land

Fresh battles between KIA and Burmese Army took place in Kachin and Shan State. KIA soldiers of 3rd battalion under 5th brigade have fought Burmese government soldiers at a road junction near Washawng in Waing Maw Township on Sept 9 between 5 am and 6 am. According to KIA front line source, 3 Burmese soldiers […]