Burmese soldiers looting villagers' livestock

Burmese soldiers of 241stLIB destroyed KIO’s rural development center in Hpaudawq village near Huhpyet in Northern Shan State on Sept 14 at 2011. Mr. Aik Sam Jing, a Shan ethnic villager, who lives near the development center was arrested. His properties including 5 tins of rice, 6 hens, 10,000 kyats (Burmese currency), cookware and shoes […]

Kachin villagers arrested and beaten by Burmese Army

Burmese army’s 321st LIR based in Shwe Nyaung Pin, Waing Maw Township arrested and tortured residents of Goi village in Momauk Township . Kachin villagers accused of supporting KIA have been arrested arbitrarily and beaten by Burmese soldiers of 321st LIR on Sept 16, 2011. Total of 12 Kachin villagers were detained at Burmese army’s […]

Baren Numraw a Kraw Hkrat Ningmu

Myen Gum shem hpe shalau, shatsang, sharim, jahkrit shama, duhka jaw nga ai, uhpung uhpawng hte mying pru ai pati, mung masa ning hkring ni,hpaij chye ai,ning hkring ni ning hkap n-gun madun chye ai ni hte moi shanhte rim zin kau sai kai chya ning hkring ni hpe shapraw la masu nna dai ni […]