Burmese Army base in Lashio was attacked by KIA

KIA’s 4th Brigade soldiers attacked Burmese Army’s Lashio-based 507th Light Infantry Regiment at quarter 5 in Lashio on Sept 29, 2011.

In another incident, KIA’s 4th Brigade soldiers attacked 3 Burmese government’s four-wheel-drive cars traveling between Namsu and Nawgu in Munggu township on Sept 29 at 1:30 PM. One Burmese soldier was killed and two wounded in this skirmish. Former Army’s Lieutenant Colonel Ye Win and Immigration officer Ye Win Aung, who were traveling with Burmese soldiers, were also reportedly killed in this incident.


Raisai, Anhte amyu ni gaw htim gasat ai amyu she re ai, defensive sha lang ai ni n re ai. Moi na kahpu Kawa ni dai tactic lang n na Sinli, Man Maw, Mogaung ni hpe kasat la lu yu sai lam tu dum n na manoi nga ga. Myitkyina, Man Maw, Muse ni hpe n dai tactic lang yang kalang ta lu la kau n na Mung Kan ting mau mat na re.

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