A Chinese man was shot for mistaken identity

Namhkam grup-yin

Mr. Xiaoyang Naw, a Chinese ethnic man was shot by Burmese soldiers of 144th LIB because he was mistaken to be a Kachin man on Sept 18, 2011.

Mr. Xiaoyang Naw, a charcoal trader, was filling water to his vehicle when he was stopped by Burmese soldiers of 144th LIB near Shweli electric plant around 3 pm in the afternoon. Burmese soldiers led by Major Win Htut Lay (2nd IC) asked Shauyang of his ethnic background. Xiaoyang reportedly answered to be an ethnic Lisu. Major Win Htut Lay said “Lisu is Kachin!” and then ordered to shoot him. Xiaoyang was shot twice by Burmese soldiers.

Mr. Xiaoyang was later found out to be an ethnic Chinese and sent to Muse hospital.

While Burmese government frequently mentioned the need for national solidarity among different ethnic groups in Myanmar, all the evidences show its will to eliminate ethnic groups.