Burmese soldiers looting villagers' livestock

KIO, Hpaudawq Buga Gawsharawt rung

Burmese soldiers of 241stLIB destroyed KIO’s rural development center in Hpaudawq village near Huhpyet in Northern Shan State on Sept 14 at 2011. Mr. Aik Sam Jing, a Shan ethnic villager, who lives near the development center was arrested. His properties including 5 tins of rice, 6 hens, 10,000 kyats (Burmese currency), cookware and shoes were looted by Burmese soldiers.  Aye Gya, daughter in law of Mr. Aik Sam Jing, is in serious condition after she was beaten by Burmese soldiers.

Nat hkrum ai Nga Wulawng

Mr. Sang Chyaw’s cow stable was burned down in similar incident by Burmese soldiers on suspicious of hiding KIA’s weapons. The house of Mr. Aik Ngin was also burned down. Burmese soldiers then looted properties belong to villagers including pigs and cows.

Nat hkrum ai Yi-wa

In another incident, one child care center instructor was looted 90,000 kyats by Burmese soldiers.

Pictures: KIO’s development center, burnt Sang Chyaw’s cow stable, burnt Aik Ngin’s house