Kachin villagers arrested and beaten by Burmese Army

Bumsen ginra

Burmese army’s 321st LIR based in Shwe Nyaung Pin, Waing Maw Township arrested and tortured residents of Goi village in Momauk Township . Kachin villagers accused of supporting KIA have been arrested arbitrarily and beaten by Burmese soldiers of 321st LIR on Sept 16, 2011.

Total of 12 Kachin villagers were detained at Burmese army’s Sanggang post. All of them are still being detained by Burmese army. Family members of those detained are worried about their husbands and sons being tortured and killed, said a village headsman.

The names of those detained are:

  1. Mr. Pausang Hpang Wa (Age 60)
  2. Mr. Pausang La Nu (Age 20)
  3. Mr. Labang La (Age 60)
  4. Mr. Labang Wan Sawk (Age 22)
  5. Dashi Mun Awng (Age 18)
  6. Dashi La (Age 15)
  7. Mr. Gawmaw Brang Seng (Age 21)
  8. Mr. Maran Yaw Htun (Age 55)
  9. Mr. Myit Hkai (Age 48)
  10. Mr. Damau Di (Age 19)
  11. Lahtaw Awng Ra (Age 17)
  12. Mr. Lazing Naw Htoi (Age 32)