Battles near Naphaw and Bandawng

KIA soldiers under 255th battalion fought Burmese army’s Light Infantry Battalion 37th near Naphaw, former KIO headquarter, on Sept 13 at 7 am. A column of 130 Burmese soldiers were coming from Nahpaw post when they were ambushed by KIA.  According to KIA frontline source, at least two Burmese officers were wounded in this battle.

In another encounter, KIA soldiers of battalion 18th have destroyed Burmese army’s post of LIB 37th located between Namsan yang and Bandawng village on Sept 12 at 9 pm.

Burmese army had doubled its presence in Kachin Land since ceasefire agreement in 1994. Kachin people under Burmese army had suffered interrogations, raping, drug problems and other abuses, said a local resident.