Los Angeles Burmese community supported Kachin refugees

A fundraising event for refugees in Kachin land had been held on Sept 10 at 4pm at 6019 Baldwin Ave, Temple city, California. This event was jointly sponsored by Kachin Association of America (LA), World Arakanese Organization (CA), California Shan Social and Cultural Society, Southern California Chin-Mizo Association, LA Judson Myanmar Baptist Church, LA Myanmar Christian Fellowship, Burmese Christian Church and Pyi Tu Gon Yi (LA Chapter).

Opening speech was given by Mr. Zinghkang Brang Seng and California Kachins sang Kachin national anthem. Ethnic nationalities performed their respective cultural dances. Fellow ethnic groups and individual participants made donation for refugees.

One Kachin lady from Los Angeles said that there were not many Kachins in southern California, but other ethnic people from Burma came to support those who are in need of help and made this event successful.