KIO denounces Burmese government's accusations

In a statement dated Aug 17, 2011, KIO’s central committee denounces Burmese government accusations. In Burmese government’s first press conference, information minister Kyaw Hsan blamed KIO/A for recent outbreak of renewed fighting between KIA and Burmese military. KIO explains in the statement that new Burmese military government do not have willingness to settle decades old conflicts between Burmese military and ethnic groups by political dialogues. New Burmese civilian government continued to neglect and suppress ethnic rights. KIO demands Burmese government to make 1994 ceasefire agreement available to public for their own judgement of government’s actions and decisions. KIO urged Burmese government to begin nationwide ceasefires and start meaningful dialogues with all ethnic groups.
Full statement can be read in Burmese here KIO statement.